Workload Mobility using Job Scheduling

Use Apcera to quickly and easily move workloads on demand across public, private and on-prem providers based on criteria that is most important to you: lifecycle (dev, test), pricing, availability, and other factors.

This tutorial shows how to move a workload from one Instance Manager (IM) to another. Although both IMs are running in the same virtualization environment in this tutorial, the same approach applies in a multi­-cloud environment where the IMs of your cluster are spread across multiple cloud environments. For more information about using the Apcera Platform in multi­-cloud configurations, see the the Apcera Platform Enterprise Edition.


  • Apcera Platform is installed and running (latest version).
  • Platform is installed with at least 2 Instance Managers (IMs). If you set up your Apcera Platform cluster with just 1 IM, and you have sufficient RAM, this tutorial will show you how to rescale your cluster to 2 IMs.
  • Download Apcera sample apps from and extract to know directory.
  • Log in to the web console for your cluster, for example: (Run apcera-setup info to get the web console URL for your cluster.)

1: Rescale your cluster (if necessary).

If you already have a cluster configured with 2 or more IMs, go ahead to Step 2. Otherwise follow these instructions to rescale your cluster to 2 IMs.

You will need 2 IMs to complete this tutorial. If you installed the Apcera Platform with just 1 IM, the first step is to rescale your cluster to 2 IMs. If your cluster is configured in a local machine virtualization environment such as VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, or VMware Fusion, your machine should have at least 16 GB of system RAM to host all the virtual machines running in the local machine cluster.

Go to a command line prompt in the directory where you initially executed apcera­setup to install the Apcera Platform.

cd ~/apcera-setup

Run the following command to rescale your cluster to use 2 Instance Managers:

apcera­-setup rescale 2

After the re­scale is complete, re­deploy the cluster with the following command:

apcera­-setup deploy

You must redploy the cluster since you are adding a new cluster host, in this case an Instance Manager.

2: Create a capsule.

A capsule is just an empty container that you can install software onto. We use a capsule to demonstrate how easy it is to move workloads using Apcera.

In the web console, select New > Create Capsule.

Tutorial Image

Choose the Ubuntu 14.04​image.​

Tutorial Image

Enter and Name​for the capsule, for example: workload­-portability­-tutorial​.

Use the default namespace, such as /sandbox/<userID>.

Click Submit​.

Tutorial Image

Select the capsule you created from the Capsules​> Capsule List​ screen.

In the Summary​ tab > Status​ field, scale the number of Desired Instances from 1 to 3 and save the change.

Tutorial Image

In the Summary​ tab > Status​ field, verify that 3 instances are running.

3: Get the IM environment.

Containers run on Instance Managers (IMs), which can be tagged.

Select the ENVIRONMENT​ tab for your capsule.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

In the Instances​ section, you see that the instances are load balanced across the available Instance Managers​.

Tutorial Image

Select one of the Instance Managers from the Instances list.

Tutorial Image

In the Details tab for the Instance Manager, notice the Tags associated with this IM.

Copy the host­-NAME tag to the clipboard or a text file. The IM hostname is prefixed by “host­”. For example: host­-f0959a1d.

Tutorial Image

Step 4: Create job tag.

Select the capsule you created in Step 1 from the Capsules > Capsule List screen.

In the Scheduling tab, click Add Tag to add an Instance Manager Tag.

Tutorial Image

Create a job scheduling tag using the IM name you copied to the clipboard as the value for the Target field.

Select the “hard” option for the Type.

Click Submit.

Tutorial Image

When prompted, restart the job.

Tutorial Image

Select the capsule from the Capsules > Capsule List screen.

Select the Environment tab.

In the Instances section, you see that all instances of the capsule are running on the IM you identified by the job scheduling tag.

Tutorial Image

Stpe 5: Rescale cluster (if necessary).

To save resources, you may want to rescale the cluster to 1 IM:

apcera­-setup rescale 1

After the re­scale is complete, re­deploy the cluster:

apcera­-setup deploy