Open Source

Apcera believes that Open Source is a significant element of the enterprise software ecosystem. We strive to contribute to the OSS community, releasing high-value, quality software such as NATS, a high performance, cloud native enterprise messaging system, and Libretto, a virtual machine provisioning library for public and private clouds.


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NATS is a lightweight, fast, and secure open source messaging system for connecting Cloud Native Apps, Microservices, and IoT networks. NATS is capable of sending 10 million messages per second at ultra low latency. It is based on a simple plain text protocol which provides a flexible and scalable foundation for building distributed systems. The Apcera team maintains the NATS Server (written in Go), NATS Streaming, and clients written in Python, Ruby, Node.js, Elixir, Java, NGINX, C, and C#. The Open Source community has also contributed a number of client libraries. You can learn more about NATS, join the community, and download NATS at

Companies including Ericsson, HTC, Baidu, Siemens and VMware rely on the NATS enterprise messaging system for its highly performant and resilient capabilites.